In an imagined space between life and the ether after, four people lift the veil between one realm and the next. As they confront the uncanny and vivid visions of their past, each must face the crux of their individual and shared paths. Grief, guilt, and compulsion entangled them in life, but now, in the windy and vacant valley of limbo they must choose to see their private worlds of illusion as they are, or be carried away without reconciliation into the dark. 

OTHERLANDS was originally shown in the round as part of Gibney's POP Performance Series in September of 2019. In November 2019, and February 2020, this work was performed at The Baumann and outfitted into a semi-immersive work. 

Portrait of a Bigger Picture

Portrait of a Bigger Picture was originally created during a residency at the Triple Nine Festival in Gowanus, Brooklyn (Jun. 2018) and later performed at the Short+Sweet Festival in Los Angeles, CA (Oct. 2018.)

The piece chafes against and revels in our illusions of paradise. It calls for an interrogation of hope and our dearly held American idealism. Valuing equally the virtuosic and the mundane, the dancers navigate each other and the ever-present mist of expectation to become more than themselves. 

Enlarged To Show Texture

Corinne Shearer and Dancers presents, Enlarged To Show Texture, a study of memory and passing time centered around Robert Coover's short story "Going For a Beer." Together, and apart, the dancers grapple with life's events that seem to recur in the same breath with which they pass us. Through humor and poignancy, indulgent movement and mundane, the cast works to grasp the truth of their experiences before the final blackout.

Take Me As I'm Not

Take Me As I'm Not  was originally shown in February 2016. It was performed twice in 2017 as part of the Brooklyn Ballet's "First Look" and as part of Triskelion Arts' "Summer Shake-Up" series. 

It features music by GLZDES, originally performed live.

Me v. Me v. You

Me v. Me v. You explores the duality of the individual. Framed in the context of a heterosexual, romantic couple, this piece explores how we grapple with our bonds between "real" people and the manifestations of other parts of ourselves.

The most recent re-staging of this piece was for Dixon Place's "8-in-Show."

Choreographic Reel

One happy mash-up of past works, both live and film.



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